In our pursuit to offer the ultimate joy to your taste buds, we go through a rigorous selection process, establishing partnerships with quality brands, committed to become the best and most reliable partner for catering customers.

Coffee, as one of the three top drinks in the world, is widely popular around the world. Salarymen and people taking an exam have come to rely on its refreshing effect. Not only does coffee fulfill their needs, sometimes it also offers a graceful taste of life.

Among the historical coffee brands “SPRESS CAFÉ”, this traditional Brazilian family business is more than 100 year old. By carefully selecting Brazil’s best coffee beans, combined with the most advanced technology, they provide the best quality roasted coffee beans.  In the world’s largest coffee competition, SPRESS CAFÉ already holds the “Cup of Excellence” honor for more than 5 years.

Pacific Commodity Company Limited is BRASIL ESPRESSO Group’s  sole agent of the coffee brand“SPRESS CAFÉ”, “CAFE DO CENTRO” & “ASTRO CAFE” in Hong Kong, Macau, China, Taiwan, Turkey and the Middle East, providing the coffee beans wholesale, retail, coffee catering service etc.


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