About Product


Regular: “SPRESS Café” is carefully crafted using exclusively the finest “Yellow Bourbon” coffee beans in the world. The perfectly blended beverage and its taste provides unique sweet-acidity balance, excellent body and a unique chocolate like after-taste.

Organic/BIO: SPRESS Cafe Coffee is proud to be monitored under severe criteria and international rules to receive it’s 100% organic certification. In the organic agriculture we only use natural defenses and pure organic fertilizers to carefully preserve our environment.

Decaf: SPRESS Café decaf coffee passes through a decaffeination process where the still green beans are washed in order to remove the caffeine until virtually none remains (Max. 0, 06%). After this process the beans are carefully roasted in the same fashion as our regular coffee.

To learn more about Brazilian coffee – watch this short video.

Bred from the Bourbon cultivar and grown in São Paulo State in Brazil, the Yellow Bourbon is suitable for light to heavy roasting.

Among the many coffee varieties in Brazil, Yellow Bourbon is one of the outstanding quality of the variants. Like other coffee beans, Bourbon beans will turn from green to yellow to red as they mature. Yellow Bourbon beans, however will change from green to yellow and will not turn into red as they reach full maturity. Growth in the environment and the sun by the high-altitude treatment of yellow wave next to excellent flavor.

The sweet and smooth taste of the fruit, balanced acidity supple, bitter sense of weak and clean, with rich chocolate aroma and nutty flavor, very suitable for Italian-style coffee fight to use, can increase the sweetness of coffee and the rhyme.

In general, Yellow Bourbon beans are slightly smaller, yellowish, and have fewer flaws.

At the World Cup Tasters contests in recent years, participants often added Yellow Bourbon to their recipe to add suppleness, elegance and a lingering aftertaste.